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Our HCA Board of Directors


LaKeisha Thomas

 Founder/Director, LLMSW

LaKeisha Thomas

 Founder of Her Choice Advocacy 

LaKeisha received her education in Business at Wayne County Community College, her Bachelor's in Social Work from Marygrove University, and Master's in Social Work at Madonna University. She is a motivational speaker and advocates for sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault conception survivors. LaKeisha is a survivor of sexual assault, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence.

Mrs. Thomas founded Her Choice Advocacy with the hopes and belief that women who endure conception as a result of sexual assault deserve social inclusion, cultural specific resources, parenting support, judicial advocacy, therapeutic interventions, and holistic alternatives that would promote their overall wellbeing.

Jasmin Thomas

Co-Founder of Her Choice Advocacy


Jasmin Thomas is a graphic designer, who received her education from The Art Institute of Michigan and studied Anthropology at Eastern Michigan University.

While specializing in Advertising and Marketing, she is also a self-proclaimed animal advocate and a business owner. Jasmin is an advocate for sexual assault, rape, incest, and human trafficking survivors. Jasmin is an Ally for the LGBTQ community. She is also a survivor of sexual assault,  who utilizes her experience to advocate and encourage survivor's voices.


Jasmin Thomas

President, Advertising & Marketing Director


Mike Farley

Her Choice Advocacy Financial Director

Michael Farley has committed his time to assist in the mission of Her Choice Advocacy. He is a passionate advocate for those affected by sexual assault conception. While being a husband and a loving father of two, He has managed to focus on his accounting career. Michael’s main concentration is in Accounting, however, he is best known for his decade worth of hard and hands-on work in Operation Management

Mike Farley
HCA Financial Director

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