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Young Women Brainstorming


Our case workers offer nonjudgmental, empathetic and culturally sensitive counseling and support. If needed, a case worker or a volunteer will accompany clients to provide support, interpretation or assistance. The programs we offer are:

  • Emergency Crisis Response Hotline 

  • Parenting Support

  • Individual Support

  • Integrative & Holistic Support Small Group

  • Are Therapy

  • Self-Defense

  • Animal Assisted Interventions

  • Rape Conception - A sub-population of "Rape Culture" - Culturally Sensitive Module


Rapid Emergency Crisis Response

Are you in need of help?

If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, call 911!

We strongly encourage you to call our free helpline @ 1-866-443-7543 (1-866-4HERLIFE). We Understand that calling may not be easy for you (FEEL FREE TO TEXT). You have already taken an very important step by seeking assistance and visiting our website, We applaud your strength and courage. We recognize that you need help NOW, and we are available 24/7.

Her Choice Advocacy is here to support you in a confidential and safe manner. The counseling and referral services we provide are available 24 hours , 7 days a week. Holiday's are NOT exempt. 

Individual support and Emergency Crisis can be done on an emergency basis. Her Choice Advocacy will provide emergency exit planning, resources, emotional support and feedback. This is an important element of the healing process for survivors.

Contact Us:

Her Choice Advocacy

T: 1 (866) 443-7543 (text option acailable)


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Sleeping Newborn

Parenting Support

Parenting support for groups of mothers and children. Empowering women to share parenting stories, barriers and uplifting experiences. Her Choice Advocacy seeks to offer education and support to raise a rape-conceived child, counsel to both mother and child, and aid in connecting her with other women who have gone through similar situations.

  • Meetings will be held twice monthly.

  • Rotating Schedule for child care during parenting support group meeting.

Therapy Session

Individual Support

Women who endured rape related pregnancies need exclusive resources, supportive services, interventions and treatments based solely on rape conception.


Her Choice Advocacy aims to provide a therapeutic, safe and confidential environment. Encouraging survivors to recognize, reflect and highlight their strengths. Mobilizing Individual survivors of rape conception to consider all aspects of care and plan for their families and future.

  • Social support

  • Lifestyle support

  • Physical support

  • Mental support

  • Emotional support

  • Spiritual support

  • Educational support

  • Community support

  • Family support

  • Nutritional/Health support

Young Women Brainstorming

Intergrative & Holistic Support Group

A small group of support members meet to discuss barriers, gain emotional support, identify issues and receive peer feedback and/or resources.

Her Choice Advocacy seeks to empower victims of rape conception and allow a forum for them to meet others who have gone through similar situations. Too often these women feel alone and isolated. These occasions allow survivors to begin healing and become empowered.


Supporting Health, Optimal Well being & Self Care. Registration includes a brief phone session to ensure the group is a good fit.


Art Therapy

Her Choice Advocacy Art Therapy class goal is to incorporate coping mechanisms, stress reduction with art therapy techniques. 

Often words are not enough to express the emotions that come with trauma and experiences related to sexual assault conception. This is where Art Therapy comes in!!! We will chat, share testimonies and use a creative process to explore therapeutic interventions and solutions.

No artistic experience is required, just a desire to connect with other survivors and explore your vision of healing.

This is a donation based program, Please feel free to donate.

Tai Chi Practice


Self-defense classes purpose is to encourage and mobilize empowerment of the survivor. Providing clients will defense mechanisms that supports physical, emotional & mental well being.

Classes will be held once a week, by a qualified professional. Clients will receive certificate at the end of twelve weeks.

Cute Dog

Animal-Assisted Interventions

Her Choice Advocacy goal of Animal Assisted Intervention is to provide emotional support, companion aid and personal protection.

Female Speaker

Rape Conception - A sub-population of "Rape Culture" - Culturally Sensitive Module

Her Choice Advocacy will work with professional systems and multi- disciplinary professionals to offer resources and services for women who endured rape related pregnancies. We also desire to increase understanding of the trauma and victim’s needs immediately when enduring rape conception.

Her Choice Advocacy seeks to work with multi-disciplinary professionals and share information on rape conception. We will educate on rape culture, rape related pregnancy, and ensure that resources are available to those affected, including safe ways to report an assault. We assist professionals on understanding disclosure and how to handle a woman or child who discloses a rape related pregnancy.

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