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Basic Self Defense

Our self defense courses are open to the public. Protect yourself, your family, or a survivors near you!

About the course

Trauma Inclusive & Holistic Self Defense for Survivors Her Choice Advocacy creates a unique healing experience, through experiential stimulated scenarios in a safe an supportive environment It is important that we have the trauma informed practices and sensitivity to sexual assault/ trauma portion in our program. We acknowledge that sexual assault, trauma, human trafficking incest, and abuse are never the survivors fault. Highlighting that survivors are leaders in decision making, honoring boundaries, and their recovery journey,

Course Price

Course length

3 week course
Held Every: Tuesday 7:00 pm -9:00 pm est

Sunday 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm est


Basic Self Defense


Angelica Brooks is a private investigator and justice activist with a passion for finding leads in missing persons, human trafficking, and cold cases. She is the founder of the Silent Voices Project, a nonprofit dedicated to research and education about the realities of human trafficking and investigating missing persons and cold cases for families with few resources.

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