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Support a Survivor Near You!

Our volunteer program provides a way for individuals to invest their skills, minds, and hearts in support of Her Choice Advocacy's mission. Our volunteers have the power to increase public awareness about the issues endured by survivors of sexual assault, human trafficking, incest, reproduction coercion, who have made the hard choices to parent, adopt, abort, or have endured a miscarriage.  The skills and time volunteers contribute allow HCA to free up its resources to better meet the needs of survivors, their children, and families we serve.

You have the opportunity to gain personal growth and a sense of purpose in knowing you are touching the lives of survivors. Every task, no matter how small, has a significant beneficial effect on the bigger picture saving lives. 

Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer support is essential to meet the ever expanding needs of Her Choice Advocacy's programs. We need volunteers that can help with projects, that supports our survivors. Our volunteers can offer their time daily, weekly, or monthly.

Student Volunteers

Local area college and high school students choose Her Choice Advocacy for their community service hours, internships, field placements, and capstone projects.  Student volunteers can offer their time to support projects after school hours. 

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 If you would like to help make a difference please fill out the form below:
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