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Her Choice Advocacy was established in 2018 to aid and promote dignity to women who conceived through sexual assault and their children. In an effort to provide comprehensive services, Her Choice Advocacy fights against sexual violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, intimate partner violence, incest, re-victimization,covert condom removal, and the laws or policies that impede the survivor’s well-being.

Our Initiatives

Her Choice Advocacy Documentary - "Hear Her Voice" Stories of Rape Conception and The Myths of Rape Culture

Her Choice Advocacy’s purpose is to tell our stories, to demonstrate the value and dignity of our lives, and take the discussion of the “hard cases” from “concept” to “real life”.  We strive to reveal the truth; that there have been tens of thousands of mothers pregnant by rape and tens of thousands of rape-conceived children all around us, and that there is help, support and hope for all in those circumstances.

This documentary will show the great number of rape conceptions and the trauma incurred, not only by the rapists, but by society forcing their opinions on these women and children. Stories will include women who aborted the child conceived through rape and then suffered from regret, as well as mothers who had to fight their rapists for custody of her child. HCA’s documentary will share respectful, regular updates on the women helped while maintaining confidentiality when requested and/or appropriate. We will also share updates on what the children are doing now.

If you had the opportunity to share your story publicly, what would you say?

What would you say to others who haven't yet found their voice?


Those without justice?

What do you think would make the most difference for someone who is afraid?

Make A difference!!! Contact us to share your amazing story, testimony, thoughts, and experience!!!

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Beautiful Bodies - Embrace Your Scars, Embrace Your Body, Embrace You

To explore and introduce women's imperfections and differences through personal self-photographs. These images embrace insecurities to allow viewers to become more comfortable with their own beautiful bodies.

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HCA Research Initiative

Her Choice Advocacy will use information and research obtained to educate the public. Facilitating forums, conferences, media interviews, social media, and any other opportunity available for sharing research information with the public will be considered. Her Choice Advocacy aims to contribute to evidence-based practice regarding the sub-population of women who endure rape related pregnancies.contribute to evidence-based practice regarding the sub-population of women who endure rape related pregnancies.


Destigmatizing, Liberating & Empowering Mothers & Children of Rape Conception!

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